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Photo of Money Marketeers presidentWelcome to The Money Marketeers! Please take a moment and review our website -- especially the “About Money Marketeers” and “Guest Speakers” links. For the upcoming season, once again the club is hosting a series of influential speakers whose comments have the potential to move markets. We encourage you to attend as a member or guest. This is an opportunity to listen and learn among your colleagues, and to support our mission of providing scholarships to deserving NYU Stern School of Business students.

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Moderated by Kathleen Hays from Bloomberg's "The Hays Advantage", featuring speakers Barry Silbert, Founder & CEO, Digital Currency Group (and Founder, Second Market), Savneet Singh President and co-Founder of Gold Bullion International, Mark Williams, Executive-in-Residence/Master Lecturer, Finance Department, Boston University School of Management, and Rodney Garrett, Vice President, Money and Payments Studies Function, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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News9/6/14: Congratulations to the newest members of the Money Marketeers: Timothy Parietti, Kale Smimmo, Marvin Loh, Matthew Boesler, Dr. Noralyn Marshall, Dr. Alastair Hunter-Henderson, W. Chip Eggers, and Kristopher Dawsey
News6/11/14: The Money Marketeers awards were presented to NYU Stern School of Business MBA degree graduates on May 21, 2014. The recipients of the 2014 Money Marketeers graduation awards were as follows:

The Money Marketeers Marcus Nadler Award - Christine S. Kecher
The Money Marketeers International Award - Todd Ellis William Byers
The Money Marketeers Prize - Jason D. Thompson
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