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Photo of Money Marketeers presidentWelcome to The Money Marketeers! Please take a moment and review our website -- especially the “About Money Marketeers” and “Guest Speakers” links. For the upcoming season, once again the club is hosting a series of influential speakers whose comments have the potential to move markets. We encourage you to attend as a member or guest. This is an opportunity to listen and learn among your colleagues, and to support our mission of providing scholarships to deserving NYU Stern School of Business students.

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News2/22/15: The 2015 Money Marketeers Scholarships for MBA students who have completed one half of their degree requirements and have been recognized by the faculty for excellence are Sandra Treviño-Ruiz and Jason E. Meckler.
News2/4/15: Congratulations to the newest members of the Money Marketeers: Dov Zigler (Scotiabank), Roger Daly (Brean Capital), Madhulina Bandyopadhyay (US Treasury), Vinay Pande (Brevan Howard Asset Management), Michael Ball (consultant for Morgan Stanley), Robert Lynch (Bank of New York), and Cyrus S. Hadidi (JMB Capital Partners LP).
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